Ask our Partners. We bring experience and professionalism to each process in the queue. From engineering to installation, each job must pass our vigorous quality standards before we hand the job over.


ITekFed understands the important role first responders have in protecting and serving our communities which is why they need the best tools and equipment possible to ensure they are prepared.

Public Safety : Services & Solutions

Our goal is to help protect and support public safety personnel by making their communications easy, secure and fast. When disaster strikes, citizens look to emergency responders to return their lives and communities to normalcy. At ITekFed, we provide first responders with the confidence that data and voice communications will cut through congestion and delays with mission-critical data. While members of the public safety agencies put their lives on the line every day, ITekFed provides technology and communications that help save lives.

Life Cycle of a Work Order

We are committed to quality assurance.

Estimate Once our procurement team receives your request for proposal, you are assigned a Procurement Professional. This person will meet with Senior Engineers and Installation Managers to review your RFP in it's entirety, every lasting detail. Your Procurement Professional will submit the RFP on time, competitively priced, completed properly, with relevant milestone dates, and with all supporting documents that are required.
Engineer After we are awarded your contract, our Engineers start to prep your work order. Inventory is pulled and assigned, anything requiring ordering is done so with all milestone dates being adhered to. They are in daily communication with your Procurement Professional, allowing your PP to provide information accurately, without delay.
Deliver Hours before our Installation Team arrives, all equipment will be delivered and moved to the designated staging area. Our delivery team revisits the site often to remove all empty crates and boxes, which is sometimes more than once each day. Even during the installation, your site will remain clean.
Install Our Installation Team will document every step of the process via updates to our Live Gameboard with time stamps, notes, and photos. The average work order quantifies approximately 100 quality control points we hold ourselves accountable for, including milestone dates. This allows us to ensure our Customers will be satisfied with the job completed, and want to call on ITekFED again.
Test Testing is rigorous; its what sets us apart from other companies. We thrive on completing work orders on time, and everything working properly when activated. Hardware, cabling, bandwidth, packet loss, power - nothing is assumed to be working. Once testing and quality assurance has met our requirements, the work order is complete.
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